Rohrlab | 5 Awesome Islands in Greece
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5 Awesome Islands in Greece

5 Awesome Islands in Greece

Greece has five tourist Islands that you should visit on your holiday tour. You will have a great time and make long lasting memories.


Anafi is a Island that is not visited as much as the other Islands in Greece. Anafi a calm small main Island town offers tavernas (a small Greek restaurant or cafe) and beaches with blue crystal water that will amaze you. This is a Island the you must visit for its pristine condition. For example, Anafi does not have fancy pools, extravagant hotels or five-star restaurants or cafes that you would rush to see. However, this Island is still a must see gem for tourist who want the quite and peaceful atmosphere.


Folegandros is a beautiful hide-away for the Greeks who want to stay clear of the large volume of tourist visiting the other Islands. This Island is considered the most picturesque of all the Greek Islands. One main feature is that the Island is constructed on a steep cliff. Folegandros is great for hiking and taking in the a magnificent scenery. The mind-blowing characteristic of the Island of Folegandros are the beaches. The terrain of this Island is rocky so, which makes it difficult to reach the amazing beaches on the Island. However, you can visit the beaches of Folegandros by small boats


Naxos is the largest Greek island in Cyclades. The capital town, Naxos Chora has a lively environment and is often a personal favorite for some. The town is full of shops, tavernas (small restaurant or cafes) and archeological museums. Naxos has a sacred destination which is called the “Portara” an entrance to a temple that is unfinished and faces directly toward Delos, Apollo’s birthplace. Naxos is not a very attractive greek town but it does have awesome beaches and amazing villages.


Mykonos isn’t much of a island to see. However, Mykonos has the best beaches in Greece. You can partake in visiting the bars, drinking the cocktails and eating the food. However, it can be very an expensive holiday experience on the Island of Mykonos.


You can visit the Island of Ios to see the uniqueness of the people and the environment. The mainland is very beautiful with golden sandy beaches, B&B (Bread & Breakfast) and hotels that you can explore. In the 1990’s and 2000’s the Island of Ios had a poor reputation because it was consider a party Island and was known to cater to the younger crowds. Even Though, the the Island had a tarnished reputation it still is a lovely place to stay and visit.

Take the tour of all five awesome islands in Greece and experience a good time with good people and a great environment.