Rohrlab | Best Vacation Spots for History Geeks
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Best Vacation Spots for History Geeks

So you’re a history geek, nothing wrong with that right? The only problem is that you just can’t seem to get enough of history and the world has so much of it to be explored. So if your like me and love history and all of the adventure and mystery it brings us, you must visit these top vacation spots for history lovers.

The first place I want to recommend to my fellow history geeks is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh is known for being the old steel city, but what most people don’t know is all of the history this city has to offer. Travel to the old incline and experience an old fashion ride up to a cute little gift shop and antique viewing area. It is here where the old cargo used to be hoisted up over the side of the mountain for further transport dating all the way back to 1870. It is surely something to see if you love historical sights and adventures.

The next place I would highly recommend for fellow history lovers is Baltimore, Maryland. Baltimore is a historical gold mine with Fort Mchenry being located near Baltimore Harbor, you must go see the fort that is responsible for protecting much of Baltimore city during the War of 1812. Baltimore is also home to the last place known Edgar Allen Poe was every sighted witch was at The Horse You Came In On bar and lounge. This place has more than enough history to offer.

The final historical vacation spot to visit if you love history and visiting historical sites, is Providence Rhode Island. With its antique shows, decades old breweries and shopping venues, this vacation spot is sure to please all of the history geeks out there!