Rohrlab | Great Yachting, No Sea Necessary
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Great Yachting, No Sea Necessary

Great Yachting, No Sea Necessary

When it comes to favored yachting destinations, the first thing most people think of is sailing along one of the earth’s vast oceans.  But an ocean isn’t always necessary, and one of the best yachting destinations just happens to be a collection of lakes.  That’s right, lakes: the Great Lakes to be exact.  While oftentimes lakes are thought of as small bodies of water and not necessarily that deep, the Great Lakes are a major exception.  From shore, they can look as vast as an ocean and in some areas are easily as deep as one. An important consideration in buying a yacht is to consider if you will be spending time on a lake or these ocean as your needs will vary; however, if you own an ocean going yacht, you will be plenty prepared for a trip to the Great Lakes.

Much more information for yachting on the Great Lakes is available on line, but some highlights to look into include Mackinac Island on Lake Huron.  Sailing to this island is akin to entering a time warp of sorts, as the island doesn’t allow any motor vehicles.  Be prepared to get around by horse-drawn carriages or a simple bicycle.

Another popular destination among yacht owners and enthusiasts is on Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands which offer a landscape that includes soaring eagles, bears pine trees and hemlock; a true nature-lovers paradise.  If time is on your side, there are also the Thousand Islands, which are northeast of Lake Ontario on the St. Lawrence Seaway.  With so many islands (almost two thousand actually despite the name), there is much to explore that can keep yacht enthusiasts busy for days or even weeks.

Fishing is also plentiful in the Great Lakes for those yachters who enjoy the sport.  Like many fresh water lakes, salmon, trout and others are sure to be caught.  If looking for a break from ocean yachting, then check out the Great Lakes for all they have to offer for your next destination in a yachting vacation.