Rohrlab | How it’s made: pizza crusts
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How it’s made: pizza crusts

How it’s made: pizza crusts

Most chefs will agree: the crust is the most important part of the pizza. It all starts with a well-kneaded thin (or thick, if you’re going American) dough ball made of flour, water, yeast and a pinch of salt.

Authentic Neapolitan pizza crusts

Real pizza crusts are kneaded by hand, using a special technique. Pizza tossing isn’t just for show, it really makes the crust more elastic and more delicious. The more kneading the better; more kneading means that more gluten are released, which makes the pizza crust more elastic. Because of all this kneading, the dough won’t be too hard or too soft, but nice and crispy. Most pizza chefs use the following technique:

  • Covering the dough and kitchen counter with flour
  • Working from the inside out
  • Using their hands to push the dough uit mid-air
  • Turning the dough and pushing the air to the outside of the pizza
  • Kneading by holding the dough in one hand and pull it out with the other
  • Keep turning and kneading until the dough has perfect elasticity
  • When it has perfect elasticity, add tomato sauce and oregano

Pre-made factory pizza crusts

Pre-made factory pizza crusts, that doesn’t really sound good, right? Well, factory made pizza crusts can actually be pretty great. When you own a restaurant and want to serve high quality pizza’s, it can be really time-consuming. That’s why most pizza restaurants choose to buy their pizza crusts from factories that are all about quality, like Monte Pizza Crust. They offer a unique combination of a great recipe, well-rested and laminated dough and a stone-bake oven to offer the best quality pizza crusts which can be freshly topped.

Pre-made factory dough balls

Most pizza chefs do want to deliver fast service and high quality pizza’s, but still want to knead and turn their own pizza crusts. There are some factories that produce dough balls that can be used for pizza’s! In that way the chef can make their own pizza crust, in a non-time-consuming way! For more time-saving tips voor restaurants, check this business blog.

Adding toppings

When the pizza crust is ready, it’s time to add some toppings! Are you pro-pineapple or not? Loving loads of meat on your pizza or keeping it veggie with the classic funghi? The topping can be anything you like!