Rohrlab | John Rosatti, Charisma in the History of Yachting
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John Rosatti, Charisma in the History of Yachting

John Rosatti, Charisma in the History of Yachting

It has taken a considerable amount of effort for John Rosatti to reach the pinnacle of his trade. His efforts have paid off, because he made a mark on yachting history with the launch of his first luxury yacht, Executioner-35ft Cigarette, in 1978. Since then, his endeavors have seen nothing but success.

For a long time, even before he started his own venture, John Rosatti played a secondary role to several yacht owners. His drive and determination finally led to the start of Millennium Super Yachts, in collaboration with his old friend John Staluppi. He gained global recognition after achieving outstanding success in this venture.

With a keen eye for detail, John Rosatti chose Christensen Shipyards to commission the construction work. He undertook the designing and construction of the 157-foot yacht, which includes luxuries of every nature. Christensen built Rosatti’s Nice ’n Easy, which turned out to be an instant hit in the boating industry.

Impressed with the work of Christensen Yachts, John Rosatti commissioned more cruiser construction tasks to them. Eventually, they made another hit with custom 160-foot trideck. He made a variety of boats, including smaller ones that are no less luxurious. The smaller boats are generally used for business purposes, such as transportation of goods, short trips, and fishing. Among the smaller boats, Fountains and Marlagos are the best-known boats.

Each boat of John Rosatti is classy and distinct from all other boats of their kind. His yachts withal have the best navigation systems, to avoid obstacles and ensure the safety of everyone on board. The use of marine navigation GPS is helpful during times of heavy rain and fog. When the vessel has a good marine navigation GPS installed, it is easier to evade potential dangers and keep the boat in a steady position. John Rosatti’s yachts have exemplified the requirements for making a good yacht, and his boats are a reflection of his success.