Rohrlab | John Rosatti Reflects on General Yachting Technology
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John Rosatti Reflects on General Yachting Technology

John Rosatti Reflects on General Yachting Technology

When you become interested in owning a yacht like John Rosatti then you will need to find out more information about the basics of yachting technology. One of the great advantages that we have living in the era of high speed internet and the benefits of WiFi is the ability to access information from practically anywhere. Two powerful products the Wheelhouse Technologies Inc. WheelHouse and the Digital Yacht’s BOATra NET has the ability to provide yachtsmen with the ability to monitor specific aspects of their motor crafts which range from location and heading to preventative and corrective maintenance which can be extremely helpful while you are out on the open water. While these products may be very different in purpose as well as how they function, they both are designed to help make it possible to wirelessly monitor and control a yacht’s condition and also to have some fun as well.

Inspired by the preventative care mentality that the founder of SeaKits (which is now WheelHouse) had experienced while he was serving as a submariner in the U.S. Navy, Barry Kallander developed his own type of software that as a result, created the WheelHouse which is a planned maintenance program for boat owners to use that will help to provide a fully disciplined structure for both preventative and corrective maintenance.

The WheelHouse is designed to provide boat owners with unparalleled access to replacement parts while they are out roaming around in their home waters, explains John Rosatti. If a customer receives an alert while out on the boat alerting them that their water maker filters are in need of repair or should be replaced soon, then all they have to do is order the part through their WheelHouse device. The Wheelhouse Company and its representatives are able to receive the part, inspect it and verify it to make sure that it is the correct unit that is needed. Then they work with the owner of the ship to make sure that the part is received at the correct port.

BOATraNet helps to incorporate Navionics-based charts that overlay the ship’s position and heading or bearing information as well as its AIS (Automatic Identification System) on everyone’s mobile screens no matter if they are using an iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry or a wireless laptop. This allows each onboard user to access the same information as the operator, notes John Rosatti. The equipment helps to create and transmit a dynamic HTML5 compliant password protected website to all of the available devices which allows all users to view the information on a handy HTML5 compliant web browser.

One of the best features that the equipment has to offer is the customizable server. Owners are able to store music and photos on the powerful 8GB server which is expandable via an external USB device or hard drive. This makes all of the media available to the guests on board who can view it all on their personal devices.

Digital Yacht’s software also comes bundled with photo and document or PDF viewer which allows you to have the ability to share our store very crucial boat documents, manuals, and other info. It also allows more advanced users to create homemade maintenance data banks that could easily be stored by PDFs.