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John Rosatti, Yachting At Its Very Best

John Rosatti, Yachting At Its Very Best

John Rosatti started his business with not many advantages on his side but his strong determination and ideal opportunities helped him get to the pinnacle of his trade. For quite a long time, he was virtually unknown to the world, but he kept striving for excellence in the business of yachts, and it finally paid off. After playing second fiddle to many yacht owners for a long time, he finally decided to own a luxury yacht and in 1978, his first yacht called ‘Executioner – 35ft Cigarette’ was launched. It was then that his place in the history of yachting was established. Ever since then, there has been no looking back for John Rosatti and his company.

Being a perfectionist that he is even today, he decided to commission the designing and constructing of his 157-foot huge yacht, to the best group on the planet for the purpose, the Christensen Yachts. Christensen built the Nice n’ Easy and included everything that defines a luxury yacht, establishing the boat as an instant hit in the yachting world.

Seeing the good work of Christensen Yachts, John Rosatti bestowed more yacht building tasks on them.  One of the two most talked about yachts, which are still in the process of being built, is the custom 160’ trideck. As per the recent interview of John Rosatti with the, it was revealed that master yacht owner John owns around 13 yachts, and another two are under construction. The business tycoon also owns a variety of other boats including smaller boats that are no less luxurious. They are generally used for business purposes such as transporting goods, short trips and fishing. Fountains and Maragos are the two most popular boats in the smaller category.

Seeing the past success of the Nice N’ Easy and Remember When yachts under John Rosatti’s banner, it can be expected that there will be many more yachts and boats from John Rosatti’s company in the future and each of them will be as distinct and as classy as the owner himself. John Rosatti is truly the best in the business and the success of his yachts and boats speak for him and his successes.