Rohrlab | Paint with Convenience Using Spray Paint
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Paint with Convenience Using Spray Paint

Paint with Convenience Using Spray Paint

Spray paint is essentially a paint that comes in a pressurized container. It is released as an aerosol spray by depressing a valve button. It is also known as an aerosol paint.

The main benefits of using spray paints are:

  • The provide a smoother finish than roller painting or brush painting. The painted surface is evenly coated with paint.
  • The standard cans are lightweight and portable.
  • Storage is easy.
  • They are cheap.
  • Aerosol primer can be applied directly on metal surfaces or plastics.

Spray Paints find applications in a wide variety of areas:

  1. Acrylic based craft primers are used on plastic like models or miniatures.
  2. Widely used for home décor. This is because they have a variety of paints such as primers, heat resistant enamels, traffic resistant enamels, metallic paints, textured paints, paints with gloss and matte finish, etc.
  3. They are used in construction and surveying sites.
  4. They can also be used for marking hiking trails.
  5. Minor paint touch up on car bodies can be done by individuals using a spray paint to maintain their cars.
  6. A type of spray paint, Plasti Dip is used for protecting and decorating cars. This is because this paint can be sprayed over existing paint. It also peels off easily. Hence, it can be applied and removed at will.
  7. Spray paints are specially manufactured to be used by graffiti artists. Spray paints for graffiti artists are a little different from others. They are thicker, available in a wide variety of rich colors and slightly more expensive.

How is spray painting done?

Prepare the surface:

The surface to be painted can be prepared by sanding and degreasing with panel wipe.

Mask the areas not to be painted:

Those portions that do not require painting need to be masked. This can be done using a masking tape or a stencil. Stencils are cutouts in specific shapes. They are used for painting the entire surface except the shape to be painted.

Check the paint flow:

Sometimes the paint comes out as blobs from the aerosol spray instead of a smooth spray. Therefore, it is recommended that you check by spraying out the paint on the masked portion. For more information be sure to check

Build up coats:

Coats should be built up slightly so that there the runs are minimized. Also, avoid dryness on the surface which results from applying the paint thinly or from a distance.

Spray painting has become one of the most preferred modes of painting. As it evolves, it may replace the traditional brush and paint style completely.