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Paint Your Dream Home

Paint Your Dream Home

Your home is a reflection of your personality. How you decorate your home depends on your imagination and ideas. Various aspects of home decoration such as how it is painted, the furniture, furnishings and the decoration pieces used, etc. all lead to well-designed interiors.

Your home should ideally be warm, comfortable and welcoming. One of the major factors that affects the appearance of your home is the color scheme used for painting it. With a good paint sprayer you are sure to be able to paint your whole house. Although there are suggestions regarding the trending shades, it is entirely up to you to use your favorite colors to do up your home the way you like it. This imparts a personal touch.

Here are some suggestions of colors for painting your dream home:


This is a color that can be used for painting the entire house. It is a color that has a peaceful, soothing effect. White reflects natural light, brightening up your home. It imparts your home a light and cheerful atmosphere. Moreover, you can contrast it with different colors of wall and wallpaper. White can also be coordinated with any color of furnishing. It is ideal for small homes/rooms as it makes them seem more spacious.

However, many people find white a dull color and prefer more vibrant colors.

Light Pink:

Traditionally it is the ideal choice for painting your little girl’s room. It is soft and it gels well in the Barbie world of little girls. Light pink color imparts your daughter’s room an aura of calmness.  You can have matching pink curtains and sheets to complete the look.


Blue is one of the universally favorite colors. It is available in numerous shades. It can be misty gray to blue-green and many shades in between. It can be used to color a bedroom, a living room, etc. It can be used in combination with other colors to get the desired effect. If you love sober shades you can contrast light blue with lavender or cream. Those who prefer a brighter interior and use a combination of blue with red, yellow etc.


It is also one of the more popular colors for painting your interiors. It can be used in your living room, bedroom or any other room. Green is available in a variety of shades. You can choose a shade that best fits with your interiors.

These are just some of the shades. The rainbow offers us VIBGYOR but we have created many more colors by mixing and matching these basic colors.

Set your imagination free and pick any color to paint your dream home!