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Ten Reasons for Obesity

Ten Reasons for Obesity

The modern world is really tensed at the amount of people becoming obese. The diseases happening as the after math of the obese attack is increasing. The heart failures and the chronic respiratory disorders are increasing at an alarming rate. People are trying but the problem is not being eradicated. There are many people in the European Union who were thin at a particular time of life but after a particular moment they become obese to a great extent. This is making the doctors harp on the problem, and they are trying to fine the solution. We shall hereby try to decipher from the doctors the ten reasons as given by them against the obesity problems.

What is obesity?

In simple terms the accumulation of the excess amount of fat in the human body is referred to as the obesity. The doctors have prepared a chart where one might find a list of the range of weight in corresponding to the height and the age of the person. If any man is more than 25 percent of the limit as mentioned in the list then he or she is said to be fat or obese and also may increase nitrogen retention. The fat is needed by the body but when the same is not emulsified or the fat is not burnt adequately in the body to produce the ATP then the fatty tissues get deposited wrongly under the skin and the person becomes plump exceedingly.

Ten reasons to obesity

The doctors of the modern time shave listed a number of reasons as to why the problem of obesity comes in the body of a person. Some of them are:

1.    Lack of physical practice:

The people of the modern times are leading a very hectic life. They are trotting for more and more daily. As a result of the same they are not getting the time to extend and stretch the body. The fat that is injected in the body through various means get deposited and the person becomes fat.


2.    Over eating

This is a common factor of obesity. People are eating more than the body requires. As a result the fat is not churned in the body and the same get banked under the skin.

3.    Tension and frustration

The doctors of the modern times say that the increasing tension is making the body incur a high blood pressure. The heat that is falsely created inside the body does not allow the food to be properly used. Thus the man becomes fat easily.

4.    Lack of mental activity

The brain is the controller of the body. If the brain is not made to work properly then the body parts are mal functioning. The depression is making the man fat.

5.    The leisure less life

The constant run for more and more is making man lose the vitality of life and also may increase nitrogen retention. He is tortured in the inner self. The fat is a result of the over work as well.

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