Rohrlab | The Best Children Development Activities For Different Skills
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The Best Children Development Activities For Different Skills

The Best Children Development Activities For Different Skills

Every mommy wants for its precious little boy or girls to grow up in the best possible environment and to have all it takes for them to grow big, healthy and smart. Every mommy does what she thinks is the best. The best and the healthiest food, balanced meals, the right amounts and all the right nutrients. All that with enough exercise and in a clean home that is child proofed. What about playing and games? Are they doing any good to your child?

Playtime is very important for your kids development and all the life skills that they need. Therefore, playtime is supposed to be fun, and your kid can have tons of fun while developing some of their skills. Here are some of the ideas about toys and activities that help with their development.


You can classify memory into the short term and the long term memory. In order to become long term memory, first, the memory must be stored in the short term memory compartment. This can be exercised and memory can be boosted as well as the process of converting the memory into the long term. One of the games that can be played with your kid is trying to remember as many words in a sequence as possible. For example, say spoon. They need to repeat it. Then say spoon, weather. Add another word every time and make your child repeat all the other words before adding the next one.

This game could be a bit tricky with younger children, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. You could use this game also for learning new words. As for the toys, simple bag of marbles can be used for boosting memory. Arrange a couple of marbles in a row, show it to your kid and then mix them up in a bag. After that, ask your kid to recreate the row. These are just some ideas to encourage you to find best possible memory games and activities for you and your child to play.

Fine Motor Skills

Developing motor skills is very important. They will determine how handy and capable your kid will be with operating their own body. Hand-eye coordination, writing, doodling and other similar activities are all part of the fine motor skills. One of the games that you can do with your child to improve their motor skills is to start playing with safety scissors and make different figures by folding paper and cutting out triangles and other shapes. Start with very simple shapes and then move on to more difficult (like snowflake) as the child progresses. Origami is also amazing for fine motor skills so try it out, maybe your child will enjoy it. Younger kids will love playing with play dough, putting beads on a string and making figures. There are some very interesting glowing in the dark doughs kids will love!


Needless to say, creativity is one of the skills you truly want to develop and inspire with your child. It can be done in many ways and it is always fun to do this as kids are amazing sources of incredible ideas. All sorts of drawing and doodling is welcome, but creativity can be sparkled up in other ways as well. Try and play visualization games in which your child needs to imagine a crazy situation, like a moment frozen in time and then explain it in as many details as possible. Amazing way to spark up imagination and creativity with younger children is to pretend to be their favorite super hero or Santa, tell them to build something out of blocks, read together… Also, all sorts of dancing, jumping and singing is encouraged as it has been proven that it entices the IQ of the child so better get used to all those noise around house. There are some toys that combine development of fine motor skills, creativity, intelligence, they are eco-friendly and safe even for newborns and you can make them yourself quiet books.

Cognitive Skills

Problem solving games and didactic toys really make those little brains work harder and exercise. If you think of the brain as of a muscle that needs exercise, then these sorts of toys and activities are the real brain gym. As for educational toys, there is a plethora of those to choose from for children of all age from blocks, toys for learning letters and numbers, to geography learning games. You can even find highly interesting problem solving games online, but they focus mostly on older children. For young age, role playing is excellent. Your child can be detective that needs to solve a mystery of missing cookie or you can give your child words that describe objects around your home and ask them to say in which room they belong: spoon kitchen; bed bedroom, and the like. This will require from them to analyze and classify.

These are just some of the games and toys that your child will need to develop. However, most of these toys and activities target several skills at the same time. Therefore, think about the effects and the processes that happen while your kid is playing a game or enjoying an activity and it will be obvious to you why that particular activity or game is good for them. Moreover, it will inspire you to create more of such games and play with them.