Rohrlab | The guide to serving high-quality fast food in your restaurant
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The guide to serving high-quality fast food in your restaurant

The guide to serving high-quality fast food in your restaurant

Are you the owner of a restaurant and do you only want to serve the best food? Way to go! But you might have already noticed that serving high quality food is very time-consuming an comes with a high cost. Your customers do want that high-quality food, but don’t want to wait an hour. How to fix this? We will give you some great tips.

Find a high-quality supplier for your basics

Let’s say you own an Italian restaurant. You want to serve the best pastas and pizzas, of course. But making fresh pizza dough is time-consuming. On beforehand, you never know how many pizzas are going to be ordered. So are you making a lot of dough just to be sure, with the risk of making way too much and having to throw it all out? Or are you making it by order, with the risk of your customers having to wait? There is an other option. Find a high-quality pizza dough supplier that makes fresh pizza doughs and crusts and will be delivered frozen. Great taste and high quality guaranteed!

Prep and cool your fresh ingredients

We get it, you want to keep your fresh veggies as fresh as possible, so you cut it the moment you need it. This actually takes a lot of time and your customers are waiting and getting more and more impatient. You can actually serve fresh food without making your customers wait. Prep your fresh ingredients in the morning, cover them with cling film and cool! That way your veggies will always be fresh and your customers won’t have to wait very long for their delicious food.

Find recipes with similar ingredients

You can choose a pasta dish with salmon and spinach and a chicken and rice dish with bell peppers, but still use a lot of the same ingredients like unions, bell peppers, cream and parsley. That way you can use your ingredients much more efficiently and serve your fresh food even faster.

It’s all about the right balance between fresh and fast

The bigger your restaurant gets, the harder it gets to only serve fresh food the way you want to. The tips in this article may help you; it’s all about finding the right balance between fresh and fast. Prepping your food doesn’t mean it’s flavourless and ordering fresh pizza dough that has been frozen immediately makes great pizzas!