Rohrlab | Top 5 holiday destination must visit when you are in Greece
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Top 5 holiday destination must visit when you are in Greece

Top 5 holiday destination must visit when you are in Greece

Greek Islands are wonderful, beautiful and exciting to visit. So, trying to choose from over 1000 islands is not a easy task . You should visit islands where you can relax, take in the scenery, that has walking tours and restaurant where you can eat great cuisine. Here is a list of the top five Greek Islands that you can explore:


Visit Evia island the second largest island after Crete. Both of these islands are perfect for tourist who like to take long walks on the beaches or in the villages. You will visit Mt Ochi and the hidden villages in the mountain slopes. This island provides you with place to visit, such as, the private beaches, tavernas, old building and the Roman Ruins. Traveling to Evia is easy. All you have to do is take a ferry from Athens to Evia.


If you love mountains then Kalymons is the island to visit. This picture-perfect island is dominated by plenty of beautiful mountains. This island is not overpopulated by tourist. So, if you are looking for seclusion then the island of Kalymnos is for you. There is fresh food to eat and crystal waters to swim in during your stay. Kalymnos is easy to visit all you have to do is take a ferry from Athens and Kos to Kalymnos.


The island of Kea is a beautiful place to visit with walking trails and private beaches and traditional great Greek food you can try from a taverna in Loulidaha. You can reach Kea by ferry from Lavrio or by taking a bus ride from Athens that only take 90 minutes of your time.


The Nisyros island is small and located between the area of Tilos and Kos. The island is known for volcanoes and is a popular place for day-trips. The island has volcanic crater and beautiful trails for walking. As you tour the island you can view the amazing scenery while looking at the old Orthodox churches, the Medieval forts or the monasteries. Take a ferry from Athens or Rhodes to visit the island of Nisyros.


The island of Spetses is located near the mainland and is a heaven for cyclists, people who love walking tours and the beautiful beaches. The island of Spetses has VIP visitors that travels to this lovely island from all over the world. The locals love the fact that motor vehicles are restricted. So, walking is truly preferred when you want to enjoy the natural landscapes of the island.

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