Rohrlab | Why You Must See Corfu
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Why You Must See Corfu

Why You Must See Corfu

Corfu is one of the most beautiful little islands in the world, and it is so lovely that you might not
want to leave. It sits just off the coast of Greece, and it actually has its own ethnic group that has
occupied the island for thousands of years. You might recognize this island from movies and TV,
and it is a paradise that you will not soon forget.

The beauty of Corfu is that you could stay on the water and do nothing but eat and take pictures.
You might take boats on the water to fish, or you could come intot he interior of the island to hike
its mountains and enjoy the sights that you have found.

Take the ferry over for just a day, and you could see all of it without much problem because it is
not that large. You might choose to spend your whole vacation here because you want to get to
know the island, and that makes your vacation much more interesting because you are staying in a
part of Greece that is not like the mainland.

Corfu is also interesting in that the snorkeling is amazing. There are many shallow waters where
you will find artifacts and shipwrecks. There are spots in the water around Corfu that are perfect
for swimming, and you could go out every day to see a new location.

Coming to Corfu must be on your list when you come to Greece, and it provides you with a
completely different look at Greece that you have not gotten before. Let Corfu dazzle you with
food, landscapes, and kind people who make your stay special.